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Upcoming Analysis: Merkel’s Woes

September 4, 2011 Comments off

Apologies for the hiatus in posting, but – as always – real life does intervene with the desire to contribute analysis. Talking of which, a new political analysis will be forthcoming soon: This time, we will focus on Germany’s Angela Merkel and her woes in recent months. You will not want to miss that – so stay tuned!


How about that?

July 17, 2011 Comments off

Yet another blog joins the worldwide recesses of the internet – the few people who may come across this may ask: “What’s the point of this exercise anyway?”. I believe that this is a pertinent and fair question – so let me address it head-on: This blog does not pretend to be journalistic – that’s what our mass media are for. It does not pretend to be objective (or “fair and balanced”, if you so wish) – FastForwardFuture has an opinion and it’s not afraid to express it.

The topics that I will address in these musings are simple: Politics, the state of society in general and interesting developments in the area of law. I don’t wish to characterize myself as an expert, so do take every post of mine with a pinch of salt. I’m politically opinionated – and everyone who knows me personally will be able to readily confirm that. I believe that there is a dearth of thoughtful blogging – everyone has an opinion, but cannot articulate why that opinion is cogent, relevant and right. The objective of this blog is not to provide you with a ready-made set of beliefs and principles – for that you have channels like Fox News or MSNBC. It also isn’t to be parochial – au contraire, you shall find entries on European and American politics: these are the political subject matters I’m interested in the most, really. Another thing FastForwardFuture will refuse to do is to give a voice to extremism and idiocy. That’s right – just read the comments section of any major newspaper (on both sides of the Atlantic) or even Youtube. The ignorance and sheer anti-intellectualism of the opinions voiced (and barely thought through) is startling and shocking. Which is why I will rigorously moderate any comments section on this site.

Freedom depends on good people standing up and having their properly formed opinions on the state of society heard. This is precisely what I wish to do – and I sincerely hope that you shall enjoy my attempt at heightened political discourse. Let the games begin!

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