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July 18, 2011 Comments off

Not a Winner

Once upon a time, there was a politician, from the great, icy wilderness – she was a hockey mom and, so we were told, a maverick. A reformer – the true conservative ever. One of us. Well, that fairy tale was not written by the Grimm Brothers, but lovingly narrated by the John McCain campaign in the 2008 election cycle. We all know the outcome – the “team of mavericks” was defeated by Obama/Biden ’08. Now, fast forward to 2011. Sarah Palin is still considered by some in the mass media to be a potential candidate for the presidency.

Now, that in itself is not a problem – many losing vice presidential candidates made attempts at presidential redemption. There was Dan Quayle (of infamous “potatoe” fame) in 2000 – he was defeated by a certain George W. Bush of Texas…then, there was Joe Lieberman, losing running mate on the Gore 2000 ticket – well, not losing, but let’s go with this term for the sake of simplicity and (frankly) brevity. John Edwards was another such man playing second fiddle (well, in his case, literally) angling for his party’s nomination. Another Vice President, Walter Mondale, was defeated on the Carter ticket in 1980 and almost wiped out as his party’s nominee by Ronald Reagan in the biggest landslide since LBJ’s 1964 victory over Goldwater – a 49-state sweep that hasn’t been repeated by anyone, Democrat or Republican alike. So, Sarah Palin running for President shouldn’t be a problem – right?

Not so fast – Palin won’t, can’t and mustn’t run. She is no Fritz Mondale who was well-versed with international affairs, no Joe Lieberman who (despite his independent streak) was able to clearly articulate a point of view and craft it into a pivotal role in the Senate. To use an analogy from the Alaskan wildlife: She’s like a moose caught in the headlights of national scrutiny. Now, her proponents and cheerleaders may declare her the martyr of the “lamestream media”. That argument is both shortsighted and quite frankly stupid. Palin is no victim – in fact, she has (considering her lack of gravitas, basic knowledge and philosophical underpinnings) parlayed her good looks and vapid spouting of commonalities into a position as the anti-Oprah of Republican politics. Don’t get me wrong – she did have her bets right when she studied Journalism and the lady knows how to give a good pep talk to the choir of the converted.

But it’s not the zealots that make a President. It’s independents. And their attitudes towards Palin are, to say the least, hostile. They don’t appreciate the absence of basic historical knowledge (now, who was this darn Paul Revere they talk about…?). They don’t appreciate the fact that her path is littered with scandals, baffling statements and dubious associations. They don’t appreciate that she is inarticulate and a walking disaster waiting to happen. She just can’t win. The mass media are guilty for funneling so much attention to this nondescript half-term chief executive of an unimportant and inconsequential state – when candidates like Gary Johnson (who has actually accomplished something) and Jon Huntsman (ditto) deserve far more attention – especially as they are running!